Personal Narrative: A Career As A Fingerprint Officer

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During the summer of 2017 for the Forensic Practicum, I worked as summer intern for the St. Louis Police Department, I was assigned for the Identification (Fingerprint) Division. My Supervisor and former Forensic Professor was the Samantha Webb. Mrs. Webb was also the supervisor over all of the fingerprint division. My assignment started on May 30 and ended the intern on July 14. My hours were from 8pm – 3pm, Tuesday through Friday and change schedule on July 1 from 12pm to 3pm due to summer classes. As an intern, my duties were to do anything the other employees wanted me to do like scanning fingerprints, assisting fingerprint the bodies in the morgue, filing the master and duplicate fingerprint cards, and any other thing duties.
Samantha Webb was the supervisor of the fingerprint division and all of the employee were under her. At the time, I join the fingerprint division as an intern, the division was understaffed as we have one fingerprint technician and everyone else was behind their work. I discovered that the one fingerprint technician has additional jobs like to take the fingerprints from the dead bodies at the morque and the teens at juvenile court along with the standard job of fingerprint analyst. Fortunately, two new employees joined in the June and another one later in July join the
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This criminal case was the strange case of Will West and William West. Will West and William West were two black men with striking physical appearance and both had similar measurement which called into question the reliability of Bertillon Measurements System. Bertillon Measurements System was developed by French criminologist Alphose Bertillon. This was one of the first scientific method of identifying criminals that use anthropometry, measurement of individuals. Fingerprints were chosen to replace Bertillon Measurement

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