Food Safety Crisis : Bella Food Essay

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Facing to the issue of food safety crisis, Bella Food has taken different management strategies at each stage of the Salmonella outbreak.
At the start, the CEO, Alfredo adopted human relations management approach as he taking the business advices from his workers.
Human relations management (HRM) is an effective approach for Bella Food on product improving and developing rather than decision-making.
Since the approach allows Alfredo to evaluate his employees ' performance to seek more opportunities for the company. HRM gives the sales representative, Roberto, control over his working style that he could raise the issue of sales for gluten-free products. Due to his previous successful predictions, Alfredo trusted him without any doubt. With a HRM approach, Roberto can build up on his strengths and, has been recognized by Alfredo that he is "crucial to ensuring the continuing the success". Thus, Alfredo may rely on Roberto 's judgments on business product choices.
In addition, focusing on employee motivation is another critical part of the approach that helps entity developing. As Alfredo has taken all the employees’ advices, all members are satisfied. HRM believes that employee satisfaction is the basis of providing high-quality service. Managers of Bella Food would be more likely to work harder as they gained a sense of accomplishment.
At the time of dealing with the Salmonella outbreak, Alfredo shifted to scientific management approach, where he made decisions upon his…

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