Wgu Human Resource Management Task 1

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Human resource management
HRM (Human Resources Management) is very important part of the every organization. It plays a vital role. HRM is responsible to hire new employees and to provide them proper training according to the work of the organization. It hires suitable and fit able persons for the work. For the better work performance they did orientations, manage salaries by the position and performance.
(A.J., 2015)
Personnel management is a basic function of staff. It includes the organising, controlling, planning and directing. (handa, 2007)
Difference between personal management and HRM:-
It is a traditional approach. It is modern approach, in simple it is a new version of
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Employee is a person who work for an organization according to the roaster of the work to help company to get the goals and to achieve the mission and vision. Employee signs the contract in which the duties of an employee is clearly mentioned. There are some responsibilities of an employee in the term to maintain health and safety:-
• Should wear protective and safe outfits and shoes according to the work like fireman, plumber, engineer, mechanic, etc.
• Keep all the knowledge about machines and work.
• Signs are must to use while doing a job like banners for the road work and wet floor sign for the cleaning.
• One day off from any work and job is must and compulsory for every employee.
An employer is responsible to control all the work of employees and set and give their salaries on time according to the agreement.
There are some important duties which are followed by an employer.
• Voluntary workers should be provide for new employees.
• Medical insurance should be given to every worker.
• Machines and equipment should be monitor by experienced or trained

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