First Stage Frustration: A Critical Analysis Essay

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First Stage Frustration: What is a Critical Analysis Essay?
I have never written a critical analysis essay before. I was confused what to write. Thus, I started reading a couple of critical analysis essays but most of them were analyzing someone’s work. I looked at the syllabus and it said, “This assignment asks you to expand upon the topic you introduce in your Exploratory Essay by thinking about it in a larger context and using additional sources to serve as evidence of your claims.” So I thought I would wait until I receive my exploratory essay and use the feedback I get from my professor and then start writing my critical analysis essay.
Second Stage Frustration: Disappointment at its Finest
As soon as I received my grade for the exploratory essay, my world turned upside down. I got a C+ on the
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I was totally devastated. I did not know what to study for. I, simply, could not ask my professor for more days. It would not be fair to other students and it also shows that I am very irresponsible. So, I started looking at Donald Trump’s Twitter and tweets that I could use for my essay. It was a long and tedious work but it was worth it. I decided to free write and filled about twenty pages. I thought I got this. But I was wrong again. Writing a well-organized essay is really hard for me. I just can't seem to get it. For the past few nights, I couldn’t sleep because the whole time I was thinking about this essay. From Saturday to Sunday, I could not work on my essay because I was studying for my math final. I was feeling guilty because I couldn’t finish my essay even though my professor gave me an extension. Sunday night, I thought I would work on my essay but I chose not to because I kept on thinking how mad my professor would be and I knew I would not be able to finish my essay in three hours either. At this moment, I was thinking if college was even worth

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