Finding Strengths By Tom Rath Essay

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Finding Strengths in the Workplace

The most beneficial tool people could cultivate in order to further their satisfaction in the work environment, is to learn how to find and build upon innate strengths. It is a well-known fact that the most productive employees are the most satisfied, therefore it is important to invest in finding ways to make employees and leaders as happy as possible. In this paper I will cover what it means; to use the Clifton strengths finder, some ways to utilize these strengths and build on them and how to discover a more pleasant working atmosphere, how these are utilized as functions in nursing, as well as: how this will translate into my role as a nurse.
History: the Clifton Strengths Finder In the book by Tom Rath, Strengths Finder 2.0 the tool used is the Clifton strengths finder, this will assess the reader’s strengths by the reader answering questions to a test in order to expose the top strengths found per person, then the Clifton strength finder describes these strengths using a compilation of 34 different strength languages to determine which area shine the most (Rath & Buckingham, 2007). There are many areas each individual will excel in however the Clifton test will find the top five areas that are above the rest (Rath & Buckingham, 2007). Once the results are in the tested can read about usual traits related to these strengths, the best way to build them, as well as how to talk to people who exhibit these strengths; for example, if…

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