Mcdonald's Selection Process

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Chapter 4 Discussion Questions

1. Assume you are the manager of a fast-food restaurant. What are the outputs of your work unit? What are the activities required to produce those outputs? What are the inputs?

Some of the outputs for a fast food restaurant would consist of the services provided and the food orders taken in that particular fast food restaurant. Some occupations needed to make this type of outputs would consist of taking orders, cooking, and making orders for customers. Some inputs would consist of the cash register, refrigerator, and ability to prepare meals, and know what goes where on each type of meal, such as the ingredients needed for each meal.

2. Based on question 1, consider the cashier’s job. What are the outputs, activates, and inputs for that job?

Some inputs for a cashier’s job in a fast food restaurant would consist of the prices for each meal,
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Recruiting people for jobs that entail international assignments is increasingly important for many companies. Where might one go to look for individual interest in these types of assignment? How might recruiting practices aimed at these people differ from those one might apply to the “average” recruit?

Recruiting practices can differ from the word “average” recruit. Most people can probably not be interested in international assignments. A person in a recruiting team is important to have and look for if they have the quality of understanding culture and language where the person will be at in a foreign country assigned. People who are better prepared than the average recruiter should have the person’s ability to become accustomed to a different foreign country.

5. Discuss the relative merits of internal versus external recruitment. What types of business strategies might be best supported by recruiting externally, and what types might call for internal recruitment? What factors might lead a firm to decide to switch from internal to external recruitment or vice

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