Pathogens In Fast Food Nation

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Overview: Every year, the fast food industry harms countless people in many ways, especially those involving consumption, salary, and production. Sadly, in America today, adults and children alike often view fast food as a necessity, yet it causes damage that affects the nation’s citizens and economy. Not only do these unhealthy consumptions play a part in the rising obesity rate in the country, but it also brings about fatal infection that not many people know about. Additionally, the fast food industry holds responsibility for many employees in America who receive low pay, giving workers as little training as possible in order to pay them the least amount they can. Meanwhile, before the disease infested food finds its way to the low paying fast food establishments, factories put unqualified workers to work in production lines to prepare it using dangerous equipment. Essentially, the fast food industry involves nothing but low wages, disease filled take-out bags, and man-killing factories.

Entry 1: In Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation, he highly emphasizes the effects poor wages in the fast food business has on employees. The average fast food employee earns minimum wage, and rarely gets the opportunity to work a sufficient hours every week. As a result, many fast food employees around the world can barely
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Coli 0157:H7 initiates much discussion. People mainly acquire this fatal virus through products containing uncooked ground beef. Surprisingly, fast food restaurants serve food containing the E. Coli virus quite often. Every year, E. Coli poisoning affects thousands; unfortunately, these infections attack mostly children. Due to the fact that most American children ground beef in large quantities every day, they have a higher chance at obtaining the disease. Annually, thousands find themselves hospitalized, and hundreds die due to E. Coli

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