Fast Food Ethical Issues

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The three articles explore all the different ethical issues in the food industry. In the first article ‘fair work, fair pay’ has been expressed as an ethical issue. Which in more detail exposes the fact that fast food restaurant workers are not being compensated for their work? The article states that most workers earn minimum wage, which amounts to 7,25 USD per hour. Some workers earn less than that. Other ethical issues include moral and ethical issue, indecent food products, and the alteration to weight and furthermore health risks in relation to the intake of fast foods.
The second article expresses three main issues such as food advertiser including toys with meals in order to have a greater impact on the children; the second
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Food safety, there have a number of reported food poisoning cases worldwide and this is due to restaurants either labelling their food items incorrectly or neglecting checking up on the expiration dates of their ingredients. Supplier standards some restaurants take to purchasing lower quality goods in order to spend less on goods. Public health issues, which tackles the issues surrounding the addictive and fattening ingredients.

These are ethical issues as they affect the wellbeing of consumers and neglect the needs of the employees. In the beginning of fast food establishment, the main aim was to provide convenience for consumers and to supply jobs for members of the community. As time went on, some of these establishments took to working towards saving more money, instead of attending to and upholding the initial goals and objectives; vision and mission of fast food service worldwide. These ethical issues are a serious problem because they affect the health of not only adults, but children as well.

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These many stores obviously need employees. The employees’ conditions in South Africa are the same as those in the USA. In terms of health there are issues, however not as great as those in the USA. This is mainly because of the fact that South Africa is not as addicted to fast foods as the USA population.

The ethical issues that were previously discussed are all accurate, however they are a few compared to the many issues there actually are. Two other issues are in relation to the environment. Fast food companies must work towards creating an atmosphere whereby the environment can be treated with respect. This may include thing such as complying with environmental policies, a policy that limits and evaluates the use unsolicited ingredients. Another vital thing in relation to the environment is the careful and responsible use of any kind of genetically modified food that may be served to the customers.
The greatest issue is the carbon emissions. Companies need to ensure that their carbon emissions are reduced. QUESTION

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