Summary Of Fast Food Nation

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This paper is a review of Eric Schlosser’s book “Fast Food Nation”. The book is on how the fast food nation has overcome America and made wider Gap between social classes. The takeover of the fast food industry in the world has made it difficult for people to maintain their neighborhoods, healthy eating, and a more productive lifestyle. The reviewer read in the book how fast food companies want to stop targeting turn around workers. The industry now wants to have people work in the company for longer periods of time. The idea is to reward them with cheap trinkets and so called fun. The reviewer feels that this is tricking workers who are most likely living in poverty to begin with to stay and not look for anything better. This type of gimmick …show more content…
The most common meat that is produced and causes health risk for fast food consumers is beef. There are so many cases where fast food consumers have gotten sick in the past with E. coli. The reason being is because the animals are fed improperly, have unsanitary living arrangements, and are slaughtered in big companies who do not take enough precautions. The reviewer feels as if the manufacturers should start feeding the cattle only grass and grains, keep them in more sanitary living arrangements ( bigger fields and more clean-up of manure), and train people properly on how to care and slaughter the animals. There should be more guidelines to follow since beef is a big supply and demand. The reason that these are not taken seriously are because it would cost so much money to ensure that the upkeep and slaughter of these cattle are done in the most cautious way. The prices of the food will rise and that will make the food chains increase their prices or serve something else other than beef.
In conclusion to this review, the reviewer has learned that fast food chain come as a cost. The fast food chains come at a cost, which is either a health risk, increases in the gap between classes, and the decline in rural neighborhoods. The fast food nation can be positive for those who will benefit from the rise in fast food chains, but have a negative impact on the consumers. With that being said, the positive will always outweigh the negatives when there is money to be made and convenience is the main priority as long as there is new neighborhoods growing at such a fast

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