Family Therapy Case Study Dorothy & Lonnie

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The problems & need that Dorothy & Lonnie in order is

First a mental exam
Housing assisting they live in a low housing and depends on the community might need to be changed.
Family Therapy-They have kids sons that visit once in a while and a daughter that has no contact. doesn’t work because of her medical problems. She already gets disability so she wouldn’t need help in that area.
Couples Therapy. They don’t get along after 39 years
Lonnie &Dorothy will need a course in financial planning and counseling services from an agency
Job services and employment help since he has trouble finding a good job.
A companion, caregiver also recreational services for activities for Dorothy since spend time alone at home this will help overcome her perspectives
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The need for services of psychotherapy For Dorothy she going to need help with her paranoia as a case manager I need to search for counseling services so that she can deal with the life she been secluded from the outside world and has a different outlook on how she sees the world. Therapy can diagnose her issues and work to get her better and set for continuance care so she doesn't go backwards in treatment. The case manager also should get therapy as well for Lonnie he locks her in the room while at work and that contributes to her paranoia and he needs the case manager to help him find ways to deal with his jealousy. After they both get help individually then they can get help for couples therapy to work on their marriage …show more content…
If I were the case manager I would continue to help clients take an active role in identifying their strengths and needs. Counseling will help them deal with their problems as individuals and a couple that way down the road life wouldn’t be so stressful. They will be able to interact and coexist talk their problems out. She’ll be able to get outside and enjoy what life has to offer with medication and treatment for the paranoia. When they get the help saving money will lessen the strain on financial problems since he has a medical problem he going to have to find a way to budget because he might not be able to work

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