Reflection On Life Course Theory

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As an intern, I didn 't have this case on my own since my agency will not let us have our own case until later in the year. It is a CPS case that I assisted an investigative social worker with. I aided the social worker with some of the interviews. Thus, I also went with the social worker to pick up the children and their belongings so that they could go with their safety resource; which was their grandparents. When we went to the home we had to have law enforcement involved due to the mother’s boyfriend being a potential threat. Given that, this case was only in our section, for a short period. I find it hard to express on any of her case plan goals her and the foster care worker have created. As well as, what the court decided was best for …show more content…
As well as, the incident in her childhood where she was molested by a person her mother brought her around. All these events, still affect and will continue to affect how Lori views new relationships and has affected how she copes with stress and anxiety of the situation 's she encounters. Life Course Theory can also be applied in that she is responding to her life circumstances per the trauma she has endured. She needs counseling for the loss of relationship she faced with mother, childhood trauma, and the toxic relationships she endured with her last boyfriend and her current one. She also needs rehabilitation with her drug abuse. Counseling can teach her new ways to cope and learn what healthy relationships are.
Family- Life Course Theory; this can be used to support the family in coming together and supporting Lori and her children as she engages in counseling and rehabilitation. The family can benefit from group counseling, including Lori 's biological mother. Lori appears to want her mother in her life, but both need to find a healthy way to reach that goal. Also, utilizing this theory will help this family create an understanding within each other of the events, relationships, whether positive or negative, that have brought the family to this

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