Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction Essay

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Course: Research Methodology (BT21603)

Lecturer: Dr. Zakariya Belkhamza

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Factors that affect customer satisfaction in the hotel industry.

2.0 Research Background
The English word “hotel” derives from the French word hôtel (coming from hôte meaning host). It
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The finding clearly demonstrates that the services encounter or customer-employee interaction is a major determinant affecting travels’ perceptions in relation to service quality, resulting in their likelihood of returning to the same hotel.

3.0 Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction * Service Quality * Room Quality * Service Quality * Room Quality
Research Framework

4.1 Research Problem
Hotel industries nowadays are facing one of the most important challenge is to provide and maintain customer satisfaction. Kandampully (2000) Service quality has become a factor important in the overall tourism experience and one which ultimately dictates the success of the tourism business. According to Lewis and Booms (1982), service quality is measure of how well the service delivered matches customer’s expectations. A part from that, room qualities also becomes a factor that can influence customer satisfaction in the hotel industry. Room qualities are important considerations for travel in-lodging selection. It includes cleanliness of room, comfort of bed, and quality of in-room temperature control and quietness of room. (Knutson, 1988; Barsky and Labagh, 1992; McClearly and Weaver, 1992; Gilbert and Morris, 1995; Heung et al., 1996).
Positive relationship can make a higher commitment of customers and increase their rate of return. Long

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