Expansion Coming : Weatherford College Essay

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Expansion Coming to Weatherford College

College is a place where students go to get a degree in the field that they want to fulfill their dreams. Since school is a positive environment students shouldn’t get frustrated finding a parking space. With new students attending college every year, we need to expand our parking area and add more lighting not only for the students, but for the faculty as well. The problem is that there is not adequate parking for everyone and students will speed through the parking lot, which causes accidents. According to Andra Cantrell, vice president financial and administrative affairs for Weatherford College, “Weatherford has been cited as the fastest-growing community college in the state. […] The college expanded its facilities and programs to respond to it rapid growth. Today, Weatherford serves more than 4,400 students at three campuses encompassing 20 buildings.” The college had the fine arts center built in 1990 and the latest, The Allen Health and Science Building, was completed in May of 2014. With the enhancements to the campus the parking lot was negated due to funding. Through the years, the college continues to increase with students but no room for the students to park. Vicky Traweek, who works in the registrar’s office at Weatherford College, stated “Today Weatherford serves more than 5,400 students which is an increase of 2 to 4 percent over the last three years;” hence why the college needs additional parking for…

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