Hopey And Other Executives Of The PSU Dining Commons

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Dear Mr. Richard, Mr. Hopey and other executives of the PSU Dining Commons, Imagine, students trudging back to their dorms in the dead of night, dragging their feet with heavy back packs in tow, creating as much distance as possible between them and the Paterno library, the place they had just spent six hours studying for their exam. Visualize a different scenario, Saturday night, students with smiles on their faces returning around 1-2 am to their dorms, hearts still racing from the excitement of the night. However, what is the next chapter of both these stories? It is this: students go on their laptop and make their way to the familiar site of OrderUp, an online food service, and place an order for greasy, unhealthy pizza or something of …show more content…
The later hours would result in more cost of operation, however Penn State is a huge business and always advertising the want for new employees. According to Pennstate.com/studentemployees, Penn State is made up of 19 different job families with over 175 different positions in each job market. With over 17,000 employees and $805 million dollars going into research to improve PSU, why can’t some of that money go towards improving the quality of life for students and creating a new profit for you (n.p.)? Young adults are always looking for new job opportunities, so finding employees would be a very small issue. On the survey I created, 56% of students said they would want a campus job, creating the perfect work force for the dining halls. Overall, at first the cost will out weigh profit, but eventually the profit made will well cover cost of operation. By reworking the staffing, the freshman 15 would be much less common among Penn State students. By keeping the dining halls open later, students would be able to fill their empty stomachs with more nutritious foods, instead of deep-fried dough, while you make a profit that is completely new to the

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