Professional Contract Formation Essay

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Professional Contract Formation The idea of creating a contract is to have two or more parties agree to something. This idea is to protect those involved in the exchange. For many circumstances, when dealing with contracts, it can become a hassle, this especially true for agreements without paper written contracts. Such situations can end up in court, this to allow the law to figure out who is right or wrong. With a written contract, the courts or laws can decide who benefits from the terms of the contract. For this to be true, both parties must agree to the formation of the contract. Before any party accepts any offers from a contract, they must pay close attention to its terms, terms are a very important part of a contract. Terms are elements …show more content…
A bilateral contract is a contract in which both parties make a promise (Lau & Johnson, 2014). The small business for this situation promises to help the employees with their education needs in different aspects. The business promises to pay full price of all books for all those employees who choose to continue with their education. The company will also pay half of their tuition for two semester classes. But, the student must maintain a “B” average for both classes. Furthermore, the company also agrees to allow the employees to set their work schedule according to their classes or class needs. Before the schedule is determined, the student must find someone else, an employee, to be willing to take over or cover that shift. If that does not happen, the employee must contact managers to find an option to fit education into the students work schedule. This particular business is open seven days a week, therefore employees who attend school during the week can make up their hours over the weekend, this will not be considered over time and the employee must work forty hours a …show more content…
The offer involves the employee to stay involved in learning, school. The business will pay for some of the costs. Acceptance, the employee must still work forty hours a week and maintain a “B” average. The consideration involves the employee to do well in school and at work. The exchange involves higher learning for its employees in exchange of knowledge brought to the business and the community. The capacity is that the employee or student must be a high school graduate and be at least eighteen years

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