Essay on Excellence in Customer Service

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Excellence in customer service

Describe how consistent and reliable costumer service contributes to customer satisfaction.

1. Introduction

Every organisation have to consistently provide high level of customer service in order to meet customer needs and expectations. High level of customer satisfaction is very important to a business because satisfied customers are more likely to be loyal and make repeat orders and use wide range of services offered by business.

2. Explain consistency and reliability

Consistent and reliable customer service means offering the same standard all the time for all customers. Because customers expect consistent and reliable customer service most businesses take steps to ensure they
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c) Type and quality of product
Is essential for staff to know exactly the range of goods or services the company provides, also be able to give advice or feedback from other customers.

d) Staff attitude and behaviour expectations
Customer service staff should behave in acceptable manners, always polite and happy to help. Positive attitude is important because influence on others.

e) Timing
Staff should be aware of timing which means don`t keep people waiting unnecessarily , arranging appointments or phone calls at customer convince and always call back exactly as promised.

f) Accessibility / availability
Customer may have be disappointed and very unhappy when they cannot buy something they want because is out of stock. If there is great demand for something that is low stock or unavailable staff should pass on the information to the employer and the stock levels should be reviewed.

g) Meeting specific customer needs
Staff should be able identify specific customer needs by talking to them and then matching their needs to the range of products or service.

h) Working under pressure
Busy time in retail store can be difficult for staff as they have to serve a lot of customers with prompt attention to everyone. Is important for staff to know to deal

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