Example Of The Family Project

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In my portfolio, I am including three of the projects we have done in class. The three projects we have done in class are “What is a Family?” , “Immigration Reform”, and “Negative effects of Technology”. In the “Family” project, I talked about what makes family and the affects of gay marriages and interracial adoptees. As for the “Immigration Reform”, I talked about why we should embrace the Immigration reform because it will help create a pathway for success for immigrants. It is also the humane thing to do. The last project “Negative Effects of Technology”, I talked about the effects of technology on students. In addition, on how it affects face-to-face communication and makes students grades lower. Some strengths in the “Family” project …show more content…
I will need to improve on when to use italics because I get confused on when to use them. In class, we discussed on how to use italics and that helped a lot but sometimes I forget to put them. Also, in class we discussed how to do MLA format and that was very helpful because as being a college student I will be doing several essays that will need to be in MLA format. What I did not know is that we had to put our last name on the top of each paper. Learning the format will be beneficial for the rest of my college career. Another writing tool I would like to improve on is using more voice that is active rather than passive voice. Sometimes I have trouble with changing passive voice to active. A key factor for having better writing is to write more and apply all the skills together to make a perfect paper. Procrastination is also another factor for why my writing is not that great is because I procrastinate on some occasions and when it comes to proof read, I don’t go through the entire essay fully. How can I fix procrastination? Procrastination is a problem with all students because we don’t want to do the work and we put it on the back burner until the due date is near. To fix this for me, I will have a schedule on what homework and essays I have to do that day and try to do it that

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