Consistent Classroom Behavior: Advantages In Ms. E.

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Consistent Classroom Behavior
1.) I found that there were more disadvantages than advantages in Ms. E classroom. How Ms. E interacted with her students was completely different for each student. I feel as though she was nice to her “favorite” students and then acted extremely rude to the other students. She managed her class in a very strict atmosphere. I did not feel that she taught the class, she told her students step by step what she would like them to put in their papers word for word. She corrected them but did not fully explain how they could learn from their mistakes.
In Mrs. S’s classroom, she had many advantages with managing her classroom. She always had a smile on her face and it felt that she cared for her students. She let her students decide what they wanted to do, still within the topic of the lesson. Mrs. S was nice and caring to her students. When they had a question, she would answer them with a smile. With Mrs. S acting in a caring way, the students were more engaged in the lesson and did what they were asked.
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E’s classroom, I seriously felt afraid. When she was trying to correct a student’s misbehavior, she was in their face telling them how wrong they were. This seriously made me want to walk right out of the classroom. It was just disrespectful to the student and no student should deserve a teacher that treats them that way. After observing Ms. E, I learned what not to do when I become a teacher.
When I observed Mrs. S’s classroom, I loved how she cared for her students. Her classroom felt very open and the decorations were related to her personality. She gave the students options and made sure that they were included. Mrs. S was an understanding teacher but was also able to teach her students with

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