Essay About Ms. G Movie

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such a special character and impresses everyone who sees this movie. Ms.G is different from else teachers we’ve known, she did her teaching job successfully by her personalities and her special teaching methods. This character in this movie impacts the entire of the story. It’s worth to have a talk about Ms.G in this movie. Ms.G plays a strong and perseverance role in her job. She has a belief on teaching, this faith supports her during the time she faced many difficulties in her career. She was determined in her teaching even though other teachers thought it was impossible to change those students to reach a high level. Ms.G endured many hardships at first but she showed her courage with her smile to fight with those prejudice.

Ms. Campbell was the one who always disagree with Ms.G teaching methods and tried to maintain the old ways of teaching, in Ms. Campbell’s
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It’s rare and commendable that Ms.G spared no efforts to find a teaching way that cater to the students in her class, because this class was not suitable to teaching in an old way that likes Ms. Campbell’s did. It’s amazing that Ms.G really did it successfully in her way and all the benefits that came from the special way invented by Ms.G, that were the journal and the book. Students could talk about what he/she hardly pour out to other in daily life from the journal; a transformation is specifically visible in students. There were all true stories about their life that happened in their daily life, it’s a big move to anyone who read the journal or see the movie. Ms.G helped these students to faced their life bravely and open their mind to other. The book that Ms.G gave her students inspired them a lot, not only because they saw themselves in the book, but also the book made these students think about their life and themselves for the first

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