The Importance Of Writing An Essay In High School

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Cover letter In just one semester of English, I learned what I was supposed to learn in all four years of high school. Which is quite impressive to say. And I’m not exaggerating at all; I came into this classes not knowing much about writing essays. I hated writing essays with a passion. I’m not going to lie I used to classify my writing into the level of a sixth grader. Which frightened me at first as I got into college. I left like a failure before even getting into the class. But after just one semester I grew as a writer and come to enjoy writing an essay especially when my voice can be heard. But with learning also came many lessons that I will know for sure I will need to change as I continue to take the next course English 5B. …show more content…
I used to never incorporate my opinions or ideas into an essay because I simply thought you couldn 't do it. And my teachers would always say to me and say that facts from another thing would be more meaningful than my experience. So I would never even say the “I” in an essay because I was always taught to never doing that. But during this two essays I left my mind and emotions to speak. By giving an essay emotion, it really helps the reader to step into your shoes and feel what you did. I remember when I first wrote my first draft for writing project number one; I had this boring plain essay that would put me to sleep just imagine my professor. I know that I had to to change things up so I did and I added experiences in high school. I remember in one part of my essay I explained how when I was in high said “go back to elementary school,” this person has said this to me because the grammar was so bad and my essay was poorly written. By adding these types of details, my reader was able to see where my writing background was coming from. Also, in the second writing project I gave examples of person experiences I had which eating disorders and how it could happen to anyone. In many of the activities we had this semester I always tried my hardest to incorporate personal experiences in them one experience that

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