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Criminal Justice 3311

Review Questions
Exam 2

To insure you obtain the best possible grade, be sure to research each question as completely as possible. Try to answer these questions as if you are providing information to an individual who knows nothing about each topic. Explain your answers in detail; remember, the more complete your answer is the better your grade will be.

1. The importance of Lawrence Kohlberg’s work is the link he makes between moral development and reason. Although this concept originated with Kant and other earlier philosophers, Kohlberg provides a psychological analysis that sheds light on how reason influences moral judgments. Describe what is necessary for moral growth according to Kohlberg. Explain.
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Govt should restore order, but comm should est peace

4. Kantonian Ethics raises different moral considerations than that of Consequentialism; compare and contrast the two ethical theories. Which conforms more to the modern concept of ethics? Internet
• Virtue ethics, however, places less emphasis on learning rules, and instead stresses the importance of developing good habits of character, such as benevolence
• Duty theories base morality on specific, foundational principles of obligation.

5. Explain how the social contract is the source of police power and also explain the elements and characteristics of policing that logically flow from such power.
• Social contrast theory is when each citizen gives up complete liberty in retrun social protection against others. Complete freedom is given up in return for societal protection against others. We give the police power to protect us but also realzize they can use this against us.
• Thuis theory has 3 principles
1. Should be able to feel protected if not we need to regnotiate the socal contract
2. Police power should be used to min neccesqary o protect others. If they exceeed the threshold the publicly rightly object
3. Ethics is based on their purpose.
5 ethical standards that can be derived from social contract
1. Fair access
2. Public trust
3. Safety and security
4. Teamwork
5. objectivity

6. Explain this statement: “The police culture, in its

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