Evaluation of personal development plan Essay

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Evaluation of personal development plan


Communication is essential in our everyday life and is a skill which can be developed!
It is important to be able to communicate effectively, whether it is for business or social use.

Having English as a second language brings disadvantages in communication.
The goal is to improve abilities to present information clearly and appropriately, but also to improve language skills. It is believed that those skills will be gained during the degree but also through work experience, taking advantage of volunteering and enhancing English vocabulary by reading books. But as well as developing another foreign language could be a big opportunity in future and enriching communication
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Ethical awareness will avoid conflicts; helps to prevent abuses of person but as well as for the business.

Creativity & Initiative

Creativity is the process of bringing something new into being, creativity requires passion and commitment. (Naiman N.)

Creativity is the act of turning new and creative ideas into reality and is a skill which anyone can learn, but of course some people are better in it than others. Creative activities has always been part of personal interests such as taking pictures, editing them on the computer or taking part in other activities. In this year it was enjoyed to learn new skills in web design as part of the degree course. It is believed to develop further skills during the degree by attending classes or on the computer but as well as in everyday life by bringing new ideas into action.
Problem solving is also a part of creativity and initiative, analyzing different situations is a good start to have different solutions.

Having a family requires leadership in many occasions; this has developed confidence towards multiple situations, as well as professionally.
Good leadership requires attitudes and behaviours, it involves helping people and organizations to perform and develop. Leadership is concerned with people and serves the organisation and the staff within it. Leadership requires: integrity, honesty, humility, courage, commitment, sincerity, passion,

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