Essay about Evaluate and Report Customer Service

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Successful business depends on Customer Service. It is essential to understand that every employee is involved in customer service. Everyone in every organization is a customer of some kind. It has been proven that customers would rather switch to another company than tolerate poor service. Research indicates, even if there is no conflict, over 60% of all customers quit dealing with a business because of indifference on the part of some employee. The ability to interact effectively with customers may be the critical difference between success and failure in our work life. Effective customer service begins with an accurate perception of our own work behavioural style. This report was designed to
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CoffeeVille has very detailed procedures for serving customers, but the core issue to such procedure would be the mal practices by the employee. Many employee were giving their best customer service experience that could lead to such result of the survey. There could be many factors that affect such performance by the employee. It is crucial that we acknowledge this fact and make significant changes. Employee needs to be train consistently with the relevant customer service skills and needs to be motivated at such to be align with the culture and belief of the organisation. The training budget allocated by CoffeeVille should be sufficient to maintain and train employee with the relevant customer service skills but unfortunately only 20% of the budget is being used for actual employee and staff training. Hence CoffeeVille should really emphasize and prioritize this issue and ensures that all staff and employee obtain sufficient customer service training.
Upon completion of such training, constant monitoring of the staff performance, together with motivation factors such as incentives or awards will significantly increase their morale and performance. Many of the employee do understand and possess the knowledge of CoffeeVille procedures for serving customer but do not put in into practices when it comes to actual serving of the customers. Hence, supervision and constant monitoring is crucial in ensuring that the

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