Why Is Animal Testing Unnecessary

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Did you know, more than 100 million animals each year are killed in the U.S laboratories for drug, food, chemical, and cosmetic testing (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals)? These animals are used to test safety of products for human use, toxicity levels of medication, and many other types of scientific and commercial testing. “95% of animals used in experiments are not protected by the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA)” (Procon). AWA is the only law that regulates treatment of animals in research testing. Animal testing is unjust and should be illegal because it is cruel, unethical, and unnecessary.
Experimenting on animals is an act of cruelty. Most animals are killed from the harmful effects of the testing: “‘Animals are commonly subjected
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Animal testing is wasting both human and animal lives. The tests do not contribute relevant research to human health and they hold no promises to any advancements in health research. Animal tests are unreliable (Animal Testing is a Bad Science). Animal species differ from human and it is very unlikely that Animal experiments will show anything applied to human conditions in a meaningful way (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). Some animals may have similarities to humans but they are different from the human body. Therefore products cannot be properly tested for human use: “Nine out of ten drugs that appear promising in animal studies go on to fail in human clinical trials” (American anti-vivisection Society). There is no point to test on animals, they are so vastly different from humans. Another reason animal testing is unnecessary is there are better ways to test products. For example skin irritation can be measured with a skin alternative such as EpiDerm. EpiDerm is a three-dimensional human skin equivalent (An In Vitro Skin Irritation Test). Alternative scientific testing result come out more accurate than animal testing. Non-animal tests also cost less. With all this new research and technology there is no need to test on animals. No matter how many times a product is tested for safety on an animal there will always be a first human the product will be tested on. Animal testing is also very unnecessary because …show more content…
Millions of animals die each year from testing. These animals suffer through so much unnecessary pain. They are not treated with the respect they deserve. They are treated like lab equipment. It is cruel and unethical for the animals to have their needs for survival taken away only for a little medical research. Many of these animals have their water and food taken away and are kept in small cages. It is unfair to keep them cooped up in tiny pens. Many animals suffer so many severe injuries that they have no choice but to be put down. It is unfair to kill innocent animals for the testing of products. With new technology and research there are better ways to test products. There are so much new technology that is so much more efficient than testing on animals. People are just scared of change and they do not want to give up on testing animals because that is how it always has been. Not only is it just plane wrong to experiment on animals but it is extremely expensive. Save an innocent life, make animal testing

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