Personal Narrative: My Vacation To Hawaii

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The most memorable vacation I’ve ever had is when my family and I went to Hawaii. When my parents told me where we were going, I knew it would be like no where we had gone before. Usually we go on a vacation every few years to somewhere that's warm during Minnesota’s winter, and Hawaii was the best choice. Out of the five days we stayed there, one specific day was the highlight of the whole trip for me and I knew the long eleven hour flight would be worth it for what waited for me.
On that day my family and I decided to go to beach that was very popular among tourists according to an online travel guide. I was glad I didn’t bring my phone with me because I wouldn’t have noticed how beautiful the day would turn out to be. Once we started driving,
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Exiting off the road we had to walk through a brief patch of tall palm trees that provided just enough shade to protect our feet from the scorching hot sand. Eventually we ran out of shade so we had to hop around on the sand before finding a spot to put our orange and red flowered towels down. We were located on the left side of the beach which was near one of the cliffs. On this side the waves were pretty mellow which was perfect for snorkeling. After setting down all of our stuff I grabbed my snorkel and goggles before running into the water. As I swam out about five yards large schools of flashy silver fish began to zip across my field of view. Going just a little further out I could see the reef. I was expecting the coral to be many different colors, but instead it was just black with a boring green tint. I didn’t care about it too much though. I was more interested in the sea life that hid in the nooks and crannies of the reef. On all of the coral there were little round pockets where dark purple and red sea urchins made their home. Some of them had spikes that protruded out of their pocket, which made me paranoid that I would get poked by one. Eventually I got used to the presence of the spikes so I allowed myself to get a closer look. Some of the coral had little overhangs. Where multiple crabs threatened me …show more content…
I ate some snacks that we brought to the beach while I stared at the memorizing crash of the beach waves. Further down to the right of the beach I watched waves that were much bigger than the ones in front of me. These waves were big enough to body surf on. Feeling a need of excitement I decided to make my way over. Upon arrival a huge roller crashed down right before me which gave me time to jump back into the water before the next one. I was with a group of 20 other people who were a mix of body surfers and boogie boarders. After three minutes of floating in the water another big wave made its way toward us. Trying to get a head start, I swam with the wave for a good three seconds until it crashed, throwing me into the sand with a great deal of force. Fearing of getting stuck in the crash zone I quickly got up and went out to catch another wave. This went on for another hour before we had to leave. When my last wave brought me to shore I noticed a bunch of stuff being dragged into the ocean. It took me a second to realize that it was someone's car keys, wallets, towels and shoes. It all belonged to a family of four that quickly ran in to get as much of their belongings as possible. It must of been their first time at the ocean considering how close they put their stuff to the crashing waves. Judging by their facial expressions, I don’t think they got much of their stuff

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