Essay On My Career As A Teacher

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Choosing a career can be hard. If I could have any career in this world. What would I be? I would choose my career as a teacher. I have always been inspired by them. They not only taught me about the book and course related to it, but they also taught me about life and realistic things. Teachers are human in the form of an angel who shows us the right path and helps us to find yourself even in the darkest night. Teacher have high, demand in the world. They also earn good salary and have respect in society. Teachers are the one who helps and embolden the young one to achieve their dream. They are the icon of society. These are the main reason as the career field as a teacher is increasing day by day which makes me more excited.
Firstly, teachers have high, demand in the world. . Due to increment in university, high school and college there are high demand of teachers including both online and on campus. Teachers get jobs and are employed very often as they are the major source for education and development of a country. However, their jobs depend on their degree of study. Teachers with good educational background have high requisition. In order to be a teacher one must obtain specified
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There are many children back in my country who are deprived of good education. So I want to be their idol, their inspiration and their hope. As we all know a country can never be developed without good education. Furthermore education is the pillar of development. So there is high demand for teachers in every corner of the world. Teachers also have good a reputation and notoriety in society. We all know that at the end of the day all that matter is what you want to be. So my instinct makes me feel that I can be a good teacher and a good female activist. I want to guide children and encourage adult education. These are the main reason I want to pursue my career as a

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