Christine Tinsley Case Study

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Christine Tinsley: Being a Teacher Outside of the Classroom
When I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would always say that I wanted to be a teacher. My grade school instructors had a lasting impression on me. There has been a history of teaching in my family, it kind of runs in my blood. My teachers and family made a significant impact on my life and my decision to be a teacher. I would not have become the person I am today without them. I want to be able to do that or be that for someone else. It is for that reason that I chose my current math instructor to do a literacy profile on. Christine Tinsley has been teaching math for many years here at the University of Oklahoma. She started teaching as a grad student and has continued
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Since she has been an instructor here at the University of Oklahoma for so long it was a good match. She has been teaching since she was a graduate student. I also had an interest in her field so learning about how she repurposes was something I found very interesting. I felt that maybe I could relate to how she sees mathematics and how she uses it in other domains. In the interview we talked about all the ways she used her skills in other domains of her …show more content…
She is also the director of the math center. The math center is an afterhours tutoring center that helps students with homework, quizzes, test preparation, and everything in-between. She works hard to improve the center by actively participating in tutoring and by improving the center as a whole. As an instructor she knows how students learn. She gained knowledge on how students learn through years of teaching. She acknowledges that students learn differently. With that in mind she toured other schools and saw the math centers there and hopes to bring new and improved technology and ideas to out math center. By being an instructor she is able to repurpose those skills into her job as the director of the math center.
The idea of repurposing is very simple. It is just doing one thing and transferring it into other domain of your life. C. Tinsley does that with her practice of being a math instructor. She uses her skills in her daily life, personal life, and professional life. She does so in very simple ways. That is why after the interview I had a hard time understanding why people say they can’t do math. The way math is repurposed is so simple and integrated so seamlessly into our society that everyone can do it yet so many say they can’t. It was something that I believe everyone should understand because it is happening to

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