Essay On Banning Cell Phones While Driving

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Every time that drivers pick up their phones or check for a text message while on the road, they are tarnishing their pledge to drive safely and responsively. Cell phones have become extremely tempting while driving, and in the same sense extremely deadly. Although some people disagree with making the use of handheld cell phones while driving illegal because they want to be able to use their phones in case of an emergency, it should be against the law to use a handheld device while driving because they are an enormous distraction, they are unnecessary, and they eliminate the driver's ability to react to anything at any moment. First of, cell phones have become one of the biggest distractions to entrap the human race today. Having basically …show more content…
Using a cell phone takes at least one hand, if not two. Some people continue to use their phones while driving, believing that if it is just for one or two seconds they will be fine. Those one or two seconds could be the difference between life or death. It only takes one second for a car to swerve, a deer to pop up, or a kid to crawl onto the road, and the driver always needs to be prepared to respond. Eliminating cell phone usage while driving would decrease the insane amount of accidents that could be easily prevented as long as the driver is in full control of the vehicle. In conclusion, the use of handheld cell phones must be made illegal in order to diminish a lethal distraction, to eliminate an unnecessary burden, and to remind drivers that they must be in control of their cars at all times. If more states practiced this law, not only would current drivers be more responsible and cause less accidents, but also the future drivers would learn from their example. Remember, driving is a privilege and with that comes great responsibility. Next time, before thinking of stopping for one second to check on your phone think of the lives of the people around you in the car and the people inside other cars next to you, and ask yourself if that one text message is really worth

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