English Vs. English Class Essay

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As we grow older, we are expected to learn from our mistakes. The skills that we were taught in our childhood, reflect on our actions that we do today. In school, each teacher prepares the students to go on to the next grade level. In each process of preparation, it gets more and more challenging and complex. We have come a long way from those children that were learning to write the Alphabet in Kindergarten. Now, as High School Seniors we use those letters and turning them into a five paragraph essay for College Bound English. Each English class I have taken has tried to get me ready for this higher level English class. However, I have realized that there are many different arrangements from pervious English classes to English 110. Although English 110 and my other English classes have similar aspects, there are some differences, such as, English 110 being more challenging, time consuming, and having higher expectations. English 110 has been by far the most challenging class I have ever taken. In my previous high school English classes, I would have do an essay a month, in the English 110 I do a minimum of one essay a week. For our assignments for the week in my other English classes, we would read a story in our English book in class, sometimes taking a few days. We would then answer the questions at the end of the story and then write an essay on it. This process would take a few weeks to do and each essay would…

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