Eligibility For Scholarship Essay

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Eligibility for Scholarships

AK Steel Foundation Scholarship
Firstly, I have lived in Columbiana County Ohio for my entire life. Additionally, I will be studying for a degree in pharmacy, a field of science. Furthermore, I have always excelled in mathematics and science. When in 6th grade, I received a near perfect score on my math standardized test, the highest score my school had ever seen, I was placed in the most advanced level math classes my school offered. Therefore, I took academic integrated algebra I in eighth grade and I am now in Youngstown State University’s Calculus I class. I have taken all my science classes at an academic level; however, my school does not offer any higher level science courses. I have taken both Chemistry
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Both my parents are very determined but also honest and true. I have learned from them to have a strong work ethic and to only ever put in my best effort and make the most of all situations. I believe these attributes allowed me to have the level of success I have had academically in school because even though I am not smarter than anyone else I have always put more quality effort in and that extra time has pushed me to surpass my peers. For the past ten years, I have watched my parents fight a corporation that was wrongly hurting our community and not once did they give up, even when the end was nowhere in sight. Through their teaching, I now know that nothing is impossible and to never give up because one can always overcome obstacles if they believe in …show more content…
In eighth grade I took academic integrated algebra I, in ninth grade I took two Kent State University College computer classes, in tenth grade I took AP US History and AP Language, in eleventh grade I took Chemistry, AP Government and Politics, and AP Literature, and in twelfth grade I took Youngstown State University’s College Writing I, American Literature, Communications, and Calculus courses, and Physics. Also I have participated in numerous clubs including: Science Club, English Honors, English Festival, AP History Club, Leo Club, Envirothon, Varsity B, and National Honor Society. My favorite organization is National Honor Society, in which I am the president of and put immense time into. Through NHS, I have been able to initiate multitudes of successful community service programs along with working great and inspiring students, teachers, and people. I have also attended Buckeye Girls’ State to which I will forever hold fond memories of because not only did I get to learn about and create a government but I also learned how to enhance my people and communication skills. Finally, I have completed a total of 267 hours of community service in high school (my first two years were difficult because both my parents worked and I could not drive to attend programs). I find my time as a Camp Fitch counselor the most rewarding

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