Essay on Education Is The Future Of Our Country

1262 Words Apr 30th, 2016 6 Pages
Education is the future of our country, no matter where you go. Needing an education is a qualification to get any type of career. If the United States had free higher education, we would have more career driven students, less people having to work in starter jobs, and less fear of educational debt. Going to school is stressful enough without adding debt and work to the equation. People want to learn, to further their knowledge requires education, so why put a price on education if knowledge is free?
When choosing to get a higher education people are choosing to better themselves. Getting an education should be a choice to benefit our society than a privilege. “The belief that people have the right to a free education, whether primary or higher education is threatening to people who fear equality” (Acuña). Why should people not be equal? If everyone had the same opportunity for the same education, jobs can have more workers with the same education. We don’t pay for high school unless you choose to go to a private school, but most people choose public school. Graduating from high school is a stepping stone in any career and it’s free, so, why do we need to pay for higher education if it’s required in our society?
If higher education was free, jobs that were meant to give you experience can do just that. No more asking for $15 an hour for a job a teenager is supposed to be doing at minimum wage to learn how to work in the work field. Having a career is what will…

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