Research Paper On America's College Promise

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America’s College Promise
“Forty percent of college students chose community college…Whoever you are, this plan is your chance to graduate ready for the new economy, without a load of debt,” quoted President Barack Obama (Calvert 2). Let’s say you decide to go to a community college after high school. You would most likely be saving a lot of money by going to a community college instead of a four-year school or university. Imagine how much you would save if all fifty states in the U.S. decide to have community colleges free. I am interested in this topic myself because I will soon have to be looking at colleges and thinking about what I want to do with my life. I also need to start saving money for college tuition and other expenses.
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Obviously, it will save students thousands of dollars. Most community colleges’ main goal is to financially support students who have a low salary and provide them the education they deserve (Stout 2). Recently, most community colleges have seen a reduction of students enrolling in one, but free two years of college could possibly help raise its’ attendance (Adams 2). If the proposal is a success, it will be a major advantage for about nine million people a year (Hudson 1). The average cost of community college per year is around thirty-eight hundred dollars (Adams 2). Another benefit would be that students could still transfer their credits to a four-year school after community college (Roach 1). If community college is free, then this means that students will be getting a free and excellent education. When students enroll themselves at a community college, then that school is helping students get ready for “middle-skills” jobs (Yves 1). Once the proposal is passed, it could cover half of a student’s bachelor’s degree or associate’s degree. Plus, community colleges are not extremely huge compared to universities; therefore, students could possibly have a smaller classroom and still receive the assistance and support when needed because the professors are there to help improve your education. Not only would you meet wonderful professors, but also have a higher chance of meeting new friends. One way to meet new friends is by joining clubs and organizations. Community colleges have a lot of activities, clubs, and organizations to join, which means that it would be difficult for a student to not be occupied. If the proposal is passed by Congress and attracts students’ attention to attending a two-year school, it would probably increase the enrollment rate for community colleges, which is one of the benefits for community

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