Dual Enrollment: A Personal Reflection

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Well...graduation is less than a week away and I have just finished my first insight into what a college class is like. Through Dual Enrollment: English 111 and English 112, I have learned my strengths and weakness in my writing personality. I feel like a completely different person, in my writing, from the beginning of the year to now. The helpful materials I have attained will help me continue to succeed in college and my future career. Dual Enrollment English has taught me how to become my own great writer and how to inspire myself when I feel all my ideas are used up or I have ‘writer 's block’ as they call it. From the different perspectives of the professors who helped with my smarthinking reports, I believe that is what helped make me …show more content…
Having this little bit of taste of what college is really like, is what has made me feel confident about writing papers for my other classes. Also, having a persistent teacher has instilled this confidence in me too. These are only a few examples of what Dual Enrollment has done for me. Over the course have noticed that I have developed a particular writing style. My style is that I like to begin the first sentence of personal writing with something dramatic but still keeping it serious; while my last sentence shall be kept like a dramatic exit. (Also, I have never taken drama.) The first and last sentence are what people generally look at, so why not make it interesting and eye catching? I am not sure if there is a name for my kind of writing, but I would call it distinctively persuasive. Seeing my writing style and how I have made up my own name for it, I do have strengths and challenges that I have come to. I have many challenges I have noticed with writing, but not any that are to hard to fix. Some challenges I have are: off-topic details, titles, writing thesis’, and organization. I believe with the confidence I now have in my writing, my challenges will soon become …show more content…
Once we picked a topic, we wrote our names on a piece of paper that had our topic on it. Once we did that, the professor announced that after we finished our paper, we would be in groups dependent on the topic we chose and we would be presenting to the class about that certain topics and its many subtopics. The argumentative part of the paper is where we listed the most refutable questions and proved a point in which we favored. Then for the Literary Analysis paper we read the play Hamlet. Once we finished reading the play we were to pick a topic like a character or what the play conveys. This paper was actually fun to write. Being able to choose what we wanted to write about on Hamlet was actually relieving. Looking into detail about what a literary analysis paper was was interesting too. Using different viewpoints for this paper opened my mind up to really see what this play was all about...even though it may be self-explanatory half the time, but still I felt I understood it more. Finally for our Multigenre paper we got to choose anything to write on. I feel as if this was at the beginning of the course and we got the chance to write on literally anything, I would be lost. I say that because my professor built up to this point where our minds are now open and she knows we now have

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