Drinking Of Four Glasses Of Alcohol Essay

1537 Words May 16th, 2016 null Page
A trend that is seen in modern society’s altering views towards consumption commonly thought of as harmful substances. Slowly, we are being coaxed by medical studies and word of mouth that what is unhealthy for us could in reality benefit us. Wine, in particular red wine, has risen in popularity as an alcoholic drink that could benefit the heart and cardiovascular system. But while this buzz claim has been studied and small potential benefits may exist, as of yet is not uniformly supported by medical doctors and the expertise of wine drinkers, the public is looking for a way to justify the binge drinking of four glasses of alcohol. Hiding behind these claims that red wine benefits our bodies, wine drinkers are choosing to harm their health. Ignoring the fact that consuming alcoholic beverages, including wine, also has unwanted health risks that do not justify its consumption. Wine has also been termed as a “double edged sword” that has is beneficial but only in responsible hands. Although one side of the sword according to studies is sharper than the other. (O’Keefe et al., 2007). A belief among people that if we consume alcohol in moderation, then it will not cause any harm to our bodies. However, the problem with this line of thought is that this hazy line of drinking in moderation and being a heavy drinker can be easily stepped over when other factors involved. Arthur L. Klatsky the Senior Consultant in Cardiology at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center stated “Individual…

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