Relationship Between The Intake Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil And The Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

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Cardiovascular disease(CVD) is the leading cause of death in America among both male and female populations. It causes around 610,000 deaths per year. Moreover, CVD is affecting different racial groups because it is the top leading cause of death for people of most ethnicities in the country such as African Americans, Whites, and Hispanics (CDC, 2016). As CVD is a major health issue in the community, there are many treatments and diets that aimed at preventing CVD. Mediterranean diet is the one that triggered the most conversations among the public. A study showed people with high adherence to the Mediterranean diet would have 23% lower risk of getting CVD. The researchers studied 7769 samples, and their diet patterns for 10 years, and they …show more content…
This study will target male and female individuals with low to medium risk of CVD. The research question is: What is the relationship between extra virgin olive oil and the risk of CVD. Does it have effects on reducing risk of …show more content…
It contains the measurements of HDL-cholesterol, blood pressure, waist circumference, fasting serum glucose, and TG. In addition, body weight and LDL-cholesterol level are some vital indicators to evaluate one’s risk of CVD (Lanier, Bury &Richardson, 2016; Sofi et al, 2016). Meanwhile, studies had shown that the diets with large portions of olive oil had effects on lowering the risk factors such as blood pressure and body weight (Tektonidis et al, 2016; Austel, Ranke, Wagner, Görge, & Ellrott, 2015). Overall, the information demonstrated that there may be a relationship between olive oil and the risk factors of CVD. Therefore, it will be the theory behind this proposal, and it will guide the following research.
Connectional Definition
- Cardiovascular disease: A group of disorders of the heart and blood vessels.
- Extra virgin olive oil supplement: A capsule contains 1250 mg of extra virgin olive oil.
- Metabolic syndrome: A cluster of metabolic disorders.
- Mediterranean diet: A diet pattern contains some of the following characteristics: high consumption of fruits and vegetables; olive oil is an important monounsaturated fat source; dairy products, fish and poultry are consumed in low to moderate amounts; limited intake in red meats; wine is consumed in moderate amounts.
- Height: The distance between the lowest and highest points of a person.
- Waist Circumference: The measurement

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