Dove: Evolution of a Brand Essay

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Dove: Evolution of a Brand

Question: Imagine you have oversight of Dove marketing management. How would you answer to the comment that Dove started a conversation with consumer “that they don’t have control of”? Is the brand “out of control”? Is Dove making a “risky bet”?


▪ Unilever was the world’s largest producer but lacked a unified global identity.

▪ Problems of control as Unilever has managed brands in decentralised fashion allowing direction to be set by brand managers in each geographical area.

▪ Unilever had more than 1600 different brands.

▪ No longer could Dove communicate functional superiority as functionality meant different things in different categories.

Basic Marketing
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Marketers do not have much control of the messaging when the public is involved thus it can have a negative effect also. On the other hand building brand through traditional advertising methods also can be spoiled as it is consumers who create image awareness anyway. The difference is that in the Web things happen much faster and far wider than before. Therefore it’s a risk of course but if the company has a good product, positive brand image they should not worry about things going wrong. Of course with some precautions after implementation in mind.


First of all about the idea itself:

1. The idea has to reflect the company image and positioning. From the very beginning Dove has established themselves as producer of beuty products and had a standpoint of caring about their consumers (Soap does not dry your skin).

2. The idea should be brought up in timely manner. The timing Dove has chosen was very right as fashion industry started to question skinny and tall models at that time.

3. The topic should be hot so the people would want to be involved. And it was definitely hot as according to Dove study highlights 80% of women worldwide considered media setting unrealistic standards and wished the media do better job portraying women.

The Dove had a very good plan to account for media dissent:

1. Embrace and fuel the debate. The team continued to build coverage and interest

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