Dove Brand Analysis

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Brands and companies that are a part of the beauty industry have very important standards to uphold. This critical industry relies on the feelings and attitudes of their consumers in order to make a long-lasting presence and to become a household name brand. The company, Dove, known for its body bar and moisturizers, has achieved this quality. Due to the fact that Dove is not a makeup company, they have instilled a unique element to their brand by making their customers feel beautiful just by using their widely-known body wash. Dove was founded in 1957 by the Lever Bothers, which is now owned by its parent company, Unilever, which originated in the United Kingdom (Dove: Brand Profile 2017). The Idea for this new moisturizer came about during …show more content…
They came out with a dishwashing soap, although it was unsuccessful. Later in the 1990s, Dove used their famous formula and created new cleansing personal care products including, deodorants, facial, and hair care products (Dove: Brand Profile 2017). In 2004, Dove released its Dove Self Esteem Project and the start of the Real Beauty campaign and changed the way the company was viewed in the market. When it was found that only about 2 percent of women believe that they are beautiful, Dove took it upon themselves to spread awareness and to change this statistic (Dove 2017). Their mission is to create a world that women grow up with a positive body image, confidence, and feeling beautiful in their own natural skin (Welcome to Dove. 2017). Dove has been able to achieve this through using real women in advertisements and campaigns instead of models. They speak to women of all different shapes, sizes, colors, and backgrounds. The year 2010 led to another brand extension by Dove, opening their target market not only to women but, also to men in the Men+Care line. Now in 2017, Dove has also released a new line of products specifically for babies. This line includes gentle body wash, cleansers, and wipes all to accommodate the needs of the sensitive skin of babies (Dove: Brand Profile …show more content…
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