Don 't Be A Customer Service Robot Essay example

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Lesson 5: Don’t Be a Customer Service Robot
Customer service is a very important description of a job. Every employee has a job description of their position that requires them to have some type of quality service that keeps their customers, patients and/or clients satisfied because of their business. Often, we see a lot of employees treat their customers as a part as a description, they become routine. Because employees’ tend to do the same exact thing, over and over again in the workplace, they begin to develop a go with the motion type of attitude, causing a robotic like service towards our customers.
Customer service should be valued and treated the way we would want to be treated if it was employees on the other end. Employees shouldn’t adapt to robotic ways towards customers, because they are in the routine of their job. Employees’ spend the majority of their time on their jobs than they do at home, so making the best of it should be a priority. “Have Fun With the Job- No Matter How Miserable You Might Feel” (Dennis Snow, pg. 54). A lot of time customers are not happy with the services they are paying for because employees show and/or treat the customers without care and customers tend to feel unappreciated.
From my own personal experience, going to the pharmacy to pick up medications, I received a robotic experience from the staff. I felt like I was just a number instead of a customer. The employee yelled;” Next”, every time she was done with a customer. I did not…

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