Domestic Violence And Its Effects Essay

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Have you ever wondered about how domestic violence affects others? Domestic Violence in developing countries is a major concern in today 's society. Domestic violence is the act of a male or female abusing an individual in a household behind closed doors. Statistics show many women are affected by domestic violence. Domestic violence is not always considered to be physical. Not only does domestic violence affect a person physically, it can also affect them mentally. There are several misconceptions about domestic violence and how many people are actually affected by it.
Statistics prove that domestic violence is considered to be a severe problem in developing countries. Nearly 48% of women in Zambia, 44% in Columbia, and 18% in Cambodia have openly admitted they have been abused by an intimate partner, according to Also, 1 in 6 women have been publically humiliated by their spouse in some form, according to as well. Women are normally targeted in developing countries because men are superior to women. Men are very aggressive towards their spouses, and expect them to do most of the household chores. Women are downgraded by their spouse and if they do not obey by their rules, they are punished. The Interview Review states, “In a study conducted in Algeria and Morocco in 2003, two-thirds of the women surveyed said that domestic violence was justified in certain cases - for example, when a woman disobeyed her husband. (UNIFEM 2003, 64).”
Domestic Violence is not…

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