Essay on Do Video Games Cause Violence?

994 Words Feb 18th, 2016 4 Pages
Do you play video games? four out of every five Americans Have a system have a gaming system and 42% play video games for at least three hours per week, but are the video games making you do violent things? well many people play video games and play for a long period of time in a day but people wonder if video games cause you to become mad and commit violent actions big and small. So the question is do video games actually cause violence? Lots of critics say that videogames are a cause of violent crimes such as shootings. That can also be argued by people who think that video games absolutely do not cause violence. So videogames definitely do not cause violence, because they can be used for education, they are meant to give you a lot of adrenaline, and have not been proved to cause violent crimes.
The first reason is that it is completely wrong to say video games cause violence is because video games can be used for other things such as learning. Now critics often believe that videogames cause violence. Certainly violent video games could make certain people make violent actions. However many kids play video games that have violence in them everyday and don’t do anything violent towards things or people. There are very few violent acts like shootings that happen because of video games. for example schools may start using video games to help teach the students. One middle school is teaching its students by having them design and play videogames. what this means is that…

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