Diversity Plan Essay examples

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Task1 Why should a need for a diversity plan exist in all workplaces?

To ensure all cultural and linguistic groups have the same level of access to services and receive the same quality of services. Because of in workplace there are many people come from in a different places , which , there are different background , culture , lifestyle , customer , religion etc.

Apparently , If there are more people will be more problems ,due to misunderstanding ,conflict , fighting in a workplace.

At the workplace need staffs to work for operate company and there are many different part of social and also have different kind of background with their unique skill or ability and come to work together . Then from their
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2. Policy statement

For building solidarity in workplace we have to make a policy for diversity in workplace that every staff should be do as follow

- Make rule for prevent conflict such as

- Do not talk racial insult in workplace.

- Do not talk improperly about nation , religion.

- Do not talk about politic.

- Give respect for rule of religion such as , Muslim people do not eat pork.

2. Organize about Inter personal skill for staff for how to make a good relationship.

3. Organize Party to make a good relationship between staff (some times) and use this opportunity to discuss and exchange about culture , customs etc.

Task3 Why working with people from different backgrounds can be positive experience?

To many reason that we can be positive experience when we working

With people from different backgrounds as follow

- We can learn new traditional , Cultural values and may have very different notions of time, body language or how to demonstrate respect.

- We can have new idea , fresh idea come from many thinking that help to create a better knowledge and lead to improve efficiency products and services.

- For Perception , process can develop from more way of thinking that come from different experience of staffs.

- We can understanding in difference , due to easier to join with new colleagues.

- We can qualify with different people in workplace.

- We can get

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