Discovering ' Writing With Struggling Students : Using Discovery Learning Pedagogy

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Bohney, Brandie Lee. "discovering" Writing with Struggling Students : Using Discovery Learning Pedagogy to Improve Writing Skills In Reluctant and Remedial Learners. [Indianapolis, Indiana]: [Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis], 2016.

Bohney’s book offers information about how teaching writing conventions in isolation can be harmful and is pointless. Teaching conventions in isolation does very little to improve writing since the information is not easily retained. Teaching conventions in context makes it easier for students to develop ideas for a paper. Although teaching conventions in context is easier for students to develop ideas, they cannot follow through with their ideas because of the improper understanding of the writing conventions. Discovery learning is a good way to learn the conventions. If a student tries to search and find out the conventions on their own, then they most likely retain the information easier. Discovery learning works not only for conventions, but also other writing skills and concepts.

This book would be very useful in my writing project due to the constant need to remember the conventions. I could use this information to come up with a better way to remember the conventions when writing my proposal. If I find out that I am struggling at any point I can use this information to help me improve my writing skills to help improve my grade.

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