One Drop Of Blood Analysis

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As long as I can remember, population has always categorized individuals by their skin color, beliefs, traditions, etc. In the article “ One Drop of Blood” by Lawrence Wright, it explains that many people usually do not marry their own race and have children that do not have a race. Parents are most likely to be erroneous when it is time to choose or categorize their own children’s race. This happens because parents do not know whether their children are African American or White. Basically, they do not know what race their children belong to since there is not a multiracial race. She talks about how politics states that a child should always get or be categorize by his mother’s race. Lawrence also explains how a child is categorized as an African American if one of their parents is black or if he has black ancestors (known as the One Drop of Blood). I really like the way the author says, “We act as if we knew what we're talking about when we talk about race, and we don't." (48). This is true because we the people do not know what race really means in terms of categorizing people at all times.
I believe that the “ official “ racial designation should be abolished because I think that no matter which
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But, this does not mean that they are not the same or that they cannot get along with each other. The way that I will address race in my classroom is by getting to know everyone very well. I would like everyone to share a little bit of their culture and share it with our class. In this way, students will feel more comfortable and safe inside the classroom. I also would like to keep them in mind that everyone is equal, even though some students do not share the same beliefs or traditions that they have. It is really important to create a safe atmosphere in which students can feel safe so that they can reach their fullest

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