From The Myth Of Race By Alex Fuentes Analysis

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In the dictionary, “race” is defined as any one of the groups that human beings can be divided into based on shared distinctive physical trait. When the Europeans began to mark their territory after settling in America, they began dividing peoples into groups by distinctive physical traits essentially creating the idea of race in the eighteenth century. They acknowledged the obvious differences in the way they looked and how they lived their lives, and used this to create groups and divide people into the groups that suited them the best. Once, the groups were in place, the English established dominance and power over all peoples. Race has been said to consist of biological factors by just about everyone, but through careful research and analysis, it is quite clear that race does not exist, rather it is a social construct made to differentiate …show more content…
He describes the ABO alleles and how the pairing of some may help protect someone in different geographical areas of the world from diseases. But each blood type is distributed around the globe and not distinctively between countries. For example, he displays a model that shows the percentage of all countries population that obtain Type A blood, and it is clearly shown it is all over the world. If you take a look Greenland, one can notice that the west side of country has a higher percentage of Type A while the East side has a very moderate population containing the allele, but this does not mean that they type of humans on the east side are a different race than the humans on the west. This observation can also be seen in other countries and continents for all blood

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