The Importance Of College Experience

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Our interpretations of college cannot be explained to what it is in reality, many people have different point of views of how their college life was. In society today not many students know about the college life or culture can be like and what it takes to be successful throughout your college experience. People can talk about what happened to them or other students but it will never be what you thought it would be. I think teachers could try to teach us about college culture and how to choose the right college to suit your requirements but never will they be able to predict your college experience.
By understanding learning styles, I can learn to create an environment in which my own learning can benefit and supplement the learning of those around me, not just those who use my preferred style. I may experience a clash of learning styles: my learning preferences and those of my instructor or audience may not have been aligned. When this occurs, not only is it frustrating for everyone, but the communication process breaks down and learning fails. My personal learning style
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Student affairs is important to development as a student because it can enhance the growth and development, promote success and degree completion and help students develop out of classroom skills. Areas of student affairs that are gonna be most beneficial are academic advising (which gives opportunities to exchange information designed to help students reach their educational and career goals), counseling services, housing/residence life, campus ministries, and career services. I will have many strengths and weaknesses when going to college, I have more weaknesses with social skills than I do with academic skills. When transferring to a college and discovering how I might develop in college as a student I will try to my best ability to make sure my strengths and weaknesses are not gonna cause barriers between my education requirements and

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