Essay On College Survival

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College survival guide

In order to survive your first year of college, you must first remember these three rules. Number one, search for help if you see yourself struggling. Second, your education must always come first. Three, have fun but, not too much to the point you are neglecting your classes. If you follow these rules religiously you will have a successful first year of college experience. You may think that these four rules are somewhat reasonable, but when you step into the college life these rules become hard to follow. Coming out of high school you feel like the world revolves around you because you are graduating with honors and whatnot. In college everyone has their own individual strengths but sometimes their strengths are the same as others. What truly makes someone smart is not only knowing how to solve problems and thinking critically. It is
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You get tempted to go out with friends and go to random parties especially with the new freedom you get leaving the nest. The idea of the third rule is similar to the idea of the second. You must always put your education first, therefore going out and having fun is encouraged but to a certain extent. I will tell you how I balance my fun times and education effectively. In psychology you will learn that when you associate an event positively with rewards you start to develop a tendency to keep doing it in order to obtain the reward. Therefore, every time I received an A in a test or quiz I would reward myself by going out and having fun. This made me want to get good grades in order to be able to go out with my friends or go to parties. College can be stressful at times so, knowing what helps you relive the stress can help you succeed in college. This concept can be very tricky because it can be hard for you to control your rewards, this is when you must learn to control yourself on your own. Remember intelligence is the ability to adapt to your

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