Teaching To The Test-A Controversial Issue In Quantitative Assessment Essay

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“Teaching to the Test: A Controversial Issue in Quantitative Measurement”
What is quantitative measurement? It is defined as “a relevant characteristic involving a numerical measurement”. 3 testing systems were mentioned in this controversial article. The first one is the “Old Testing System”, where an individual teaching testing was focused on. During this teachers and their preparation on how to effectively measure a student’s learning capability. This issue was working on being improved but became a difficult task because some students didn’t equal out to the requirements upon graduation. A student’s knowledge individually was difficult to evaluate to see what a students
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If the education system focused more of what is needed to be learned instead of going off a curriculum designed by a school everything would run smoothly. Nobody wants to sit in a class discussing things that aren’t being applied to real life or preparing a student if they so happen to face a situation. Some students need that extra support from teachers to know these things and being tested on information not covered will make a student lack in an area.
6. Yes children are born with learning disabilities but to discover that and improve the disability people blame it on your upbringing or your environment. Your parent’s income shouldn’t justify why a child isn’t learning the way they need to be learning. A child of color or a white child are no different from another, nobody is perfect but in the eyes of society African American’s are seen to be less intelligent than the white children. The no child left behind act isn’t a good way to move a student up a grade, if they were taught properly and better prepared for test like nationwide test nothing should go wrong.
7. Making the environment for the student a better place for learning encourages them even more to want to stay and actually pay attention to what’s going on in the
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A practice test should be given to a class the beginning of the school year to see what information the child knows and doesn’t know instead of basing the end of the year test marks on numbers. And numbers do not measure a person because validity and reliability will be affected in the long run with inaccurate results basing it on the body of the students instead of the individual who’s facing learning problems. They should test smaller children when it’s time for placement in pre-k or kindergarten instead of their age because once again numbers don’t mean nothing, I rather the smaller children’s brains being tested to see if they are ready for that environment.
So in conclusion testing done around the world in the school systems shouldn’t be quantitative based because numbers don’t always add up and shouldn’t be applied to everybody. Every child is different as well as the school but to me at the end of the day as long as the student can walk out of school after taking the test to say that they learned something that applies to real life and the knowledge that was gained helped them on the state

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