Different Types Of Leadership Styles Essay examples

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Different types of Leadership?
What is leadership? Leadership has numerous ways that it can be defined. The most modest way to describe leadership is that it’s the process of encouraging or influencing an assembly of people to accomplish a task or to complete a mission successfully and professionally (Easterling 2012). In order to become a leader, an individual must possess the ability to inspire and impact others for gaining the objective of an association. The comparisons concerning leadership and supervision in different segments such as: encouraging or influencing individuals are usually performed my leaders and managers. The key procedure of leadership and management is to achieve the objective successfully. There are several actions of management that are comparable to the roles of leadership. There are also many differences that exist between the two. We will examine several different type of leadership styles within and organization.
Leaders are divided into several style of leadership. There are numerous styles of leadership that are implemented depending on the situation within the organization. Examples of these styles include autocratic, bureaucratic, charismatic, democratic, participative, laissez faire, task oriented and transactional leadership. We will examine only a few of these type due to time constraints
Authoritarian Style Leadership
Authoritarian type of leadership is the type of leadership where leaders tell their employees what to do and they don’t…

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