Different Experiences Through Extracurricular Activities Essay

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In previous years of school I have had many different experiences through extracurricular activities, having different teachers with different styles of teaching, and being in a school environment which forced me to learn things not only academically but learning about social life, things about myself, and what I need to work on to succeed in the future. In 2012 I started sixth grade at Eisenhower Middle School. I was excited to be out of Elementary school because I wanted a more advanced curriculum and I was excited to start learn the Double Bass in orchestra. I also thought it would be nice to go to seven different classes instead of having to learn everything from one or two people (regular and gifted teacher). In sixth grade I often left things in previous periods or ended up loosing it throughout the day by dropping it in between classes or leaving it outside during lunch. I also procrastinated a lot, which would either make me work really hard at the last minute or not finish something on time because it took longer than I thought it was going to. I ended up getting pretty bad grades overall, and the only thing I ended up succeeding in was orchestra, and after about 8 months of playing bass I decided to audition for the Albuquerque Youth Symphony Program, and I ended up getting into the intermediate level of middle school orchestra (AJO) and I became section leader in both school orchestra and AJO the following year. In seventh grade I was slightly more organized,…

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