Seventh grade

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  • Personal Narrative: My Seventh Grade In High School

    Seventh grade I simultaneously tapped my leg on the floor and my pencil to my desk. I looked around the room and examined all of my classmates. No one seemed as nervous as me. My teacher slid my test towards me and I felt my stomach drop as soon as I read the first couple of questions. I had no idea what any of the information was and I knew there was absolutely no way I was passing the test. What’s ridiculous is that even though I didn’t study, I felt bad for myself. “Are you okay?” my teacher asked. He looked at me knowing I wasn’t prepared. I wasn’t sure what to say to him but I decided to just be honest. “I didn’t study for this at all and I have no idea what the test is on,” I blurted out. I regretted it right away, however, even if…

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  • My Best Friend Essay: My Greatest Friend

    students about their opinion on certain matters, which included their thoughts on the importance of erosion. It was unbelievably fun for a project that was intended to be boring. If the teacher were to show our videos to next year’s students, she would certainly not want to pick Phyllis’s video about erosion, weathering, and life, in general. In the end, I received full credit, whereas she had a few points of the “Erosion and Weathering Walk” Project. Throughout seventh and eighth grade, we…

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  • Reflective Essay: My Relationship With Writing

    My Relationship with Writing Throughout my life, I have had a “love-hate” relationship with writing. I have always had a passion for written word. However, I learned early on that passion alone is not enough. There is a vast array of skills required to write well. Unfortunately, my Junior High English teachers were quick to inform me that I severely lacked said skills. Even though their words of discouragement stuck with me they did not defeat me. I clearly remember the moment that had the…

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  • My Love Of Reading Analysis

    My frequent trips to the eerily quiet school library started almost ten years ago, in my first grade class with Mrs. Yenser. Thick paperback novels, controversial science fiction, doomsday utopian societies, sappy romances, and even an educational biography every once in a while were some of my best friends throughout my elementary age. I flew through Tom Sawyer, the Alex Rider series, To Kill a Mockingbird, and several dozen other intriguing reads. Knowing I had become hooked on reading, many…

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  • Teacher Observation Paper

    The teachers I was fortunate to work with were all very different from each other, of the four I worked with at were different grade levels and had different years of experience. They were all math teaching in middle school, the first I met with was Ms. Hall a seventh grade teacher in her second year of teaching, the second was Ms. Ambriz a sixth grade teacher with twelve years of experience on that same day I also visit Ms. Martinez eighth grade with more years than Ms. Ambriz and finally Mr.…

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  • My Best Friendships

    When the day came around that we could call our school to find out what class we were placed in Victoria, I and our friends were all hanging out. We all sat around and called one after the other and saying our teachers out loud. Victoria went first and they told her she was in Mrs.Kapicoo class. Everyone that was there that in our grade got put into Mrs.Kapicoo’s class. I went last but didn’t even want to call anymore. I was devastated thinking that all my friends were in the same class and I…

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  • The Role Of Perfectionism In Adolescents

    adolescents may lack the motivation or confidence to build social relationships. Perfectionism itself has many different characteristics, but there are also many characteristics belonging to the individual that may impact the susceptibility to perfectionism as well as the impact perfectionism has on one’s own life. Margot & Rinn (2016) looked at the relationship between gender, birth order, and age/grade level and perfectionism among gifted adolescents in school. The study used the Frost…

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  • Examples Of Math Classroom Observation

    I observed the Jr. High math teacher Mr. Rix. This is Mr. Rix’s first year at St. Lucy but he been teaching for about 15 years. I observed an 8th grade block class period. How is the room organized? This teacher is in a unique situation. He does not have a homeroom instead he travels around from room to room. This means that he has to be extra organized because all his resource materials are at his desk in the art room. I asked him about how he keeps himself organized and he had a few…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Reality Of High School

    You would think that as we grow up, we would grow out of that phase but that’s not the case. We grew into it even worse. By time I got to middle school, our grade had been broken up into three groups; The Preps, The Rebels, and The Goodies. The Preps were the cheerleaders, the ones that thought they were too good to get their hands dirty, the tight-fit group that was hard to get into. The Rebels were the trouble-makers of the grade, the ones who didn’t care what anyone else thought, the ones who…

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  • The Disappointment: Liza In The Seventh Grade

    The Disappointment At age 12 me and my best friend Liza in the 7th grade. I remember that day like it was yesterday, you could tell she was very responsible and carefree. I also remember our laughs, girl talk and of course school talk, everything was great until we got in the eighth grade and the beginning of ninth grade when she disappointed me. So, it was the middle of 8th grade year, me and Liza was sitting at lunch when one of her friends came over to sit with us. Liza knew I didn't…

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